Types of Classes

YogaFaith Classes

In these classes, Christians experience yoga as postures of prayer and meditations in motion. We worship with our entire heart, soul, strength and mind (Luke 10:27).

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Community Yoga Classes

These are what you normally think of when you think of  traditional yoga classes – equal parts strengthening, stretching, relaxing, and energizing.

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All of the following types of classes may be offered as either YogaFaith or traditional yoga classes.

YogaFaith classes are always designated as such.

Gentle Flow

These are very gentle classes with just the right combination of strengthening and stretching. Perfect for all levels.

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Flow & Chill

This is the best of both worlds. Half the class is Gentle Flow (above) and have the class is Restorative (above). We start out moving and energizing and end up fully relaxed and ready for bed. The perfect break from a hectic world.

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Pop Up Classes

These one-of-a-kind events are offered when the opportunity arises – maybe on a beach or a farm or in a park. The styles vary, but are generally gentle flow classes. If you have an idea for one, let me know!

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Like taking a nap, but better. We use lots of props (blankets, bolsters, pillows – you provide, please) to support us as we deeply relax our minds and bodies.

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In these classes we do yoga either on a chair or with a chair handy for support. Perfect for those with balance challenges, recoverying from injury, or in places limited by space.

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Whatever You Want

Are you interested in providing a class for a particular event or population — maybe a corporate or church retreat or a special birthday or a bridal shower? Let’s talk! I have tons of teaching experience with all ages from 9 to 90 plus special training in trauma sensitive, 12-step/recovery, and adaptive yoga (for all body types and abilities), meditation and yoga nidra.

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