Laurie Hugdahl

Wellness Enthusiast & Hope Flinger

Hi, I’m Laurie! Nice to meet you.

I work with women who are seeking abundant health and freedom to fully participate in the life they were created for!


  My Approach

I’m a wellness mentor, health coach, and yoga instructor. I work WITH you to discover the best route to healing for you. I have a holistic approach to health.  Our physical, mental and spiritual health are intricately connected.  

My own Christian faith infuses my unique approach. I believe in the intrinsic worth and value of each person and that God has a plan for each of us. When we are taking care of ourselves and feeling healthy in all ways, we are better able to walk out that purpose. 

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Let’s see what’s possible for you!

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

12-Step / Recovery

Trauma Informed


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