Tues PM Gentle Flow + Restorative – Postures of Prayer

Take time out of your busy week to come worship with your entire body. This faith-based yoga class will refresh your body and soul.

We will meet TWICE A MONTH on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays from 7-8 p.m. via Zoom.

We will begin with gentle and slow flow movements and end up with stretching and restorative poses where we are fully supported with blankets, blocks, pillows and bolsters in order to deeply relax as we meditate on scripture, listen to worship music, and meet with God on our mats.

No experience is necessary. Flexibility is not important. Movement is not even required for this unique class. The posture of your heart is the most important one.

Important for this class! Bring:
* a mat if you have one. .
* 2 dense blankets to cover up for coziness at the end and also to roll up as a prop
* 2 dense pillows (like you might have on your couch) or 1 bolster.

Please register in TWO PLACES for this class:

1) Register through Calvary Fellowship to get weekly reminders and notifications about changes to the location.


2) MAKE A FREE ACCOUNT AT https://firmlyplantedwellness.com/virtual-wellness-studio/ to access the link for the meeting. Bookmark the link so you can find it again!

Once you register for a free account and agree to the Terms of Service at firmlyplantedwellness.com, you will have access to all classes on Zoom. You can have your video camera on or off. It’s up to you, but I’d love to say hi before class starts and have a bit of connection. You can always turn your video camera off once we start class if you don’t want people to see you. I will be recording classes, but YOU will not be recorded. Just me.

The event is finished.

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